SmartArch delivers smart smiles

“The smartest thing in orthodontics since the superelastic archwire”

Force Optimized Biomechanics

Introducing SmartArch, the only wire engineered with force optimized biomechanics across the entire arch.
It’s the first archwire with a stiffness profile designed to express the ideal continuous forces required for optimal biological response. SmartArch is tuned for each tooth’s root support and interbracket spacing.
When a single wire delivers the ideal force at every tooth, it’s the only working wire you need.

Optimized Forces

Forces are optimized for the ideal physiological response of each tooth.

Better Results

Optimized forces enable concurrent alignment, leveling, rotation and arch development.

Fewer Wires

By combining multiple progressions, the number of wires in the sequence is reduced.

Increased Efficiency

SmartArch wires are easier to engage in the bracket at room temperature with reduced propensity for bonding failure.

Smart Technology

Smart Material

SmartArch wire is truly smart material. Pinpoint control over wire stiffness is achieved using Smarter Alloys’™ proprietary technology delivering precision that can’t be matched. Other multiforce archwires are limited to gradually increasing stiffness from the anteriors to the posteriors. There are no limits with SmartArch; any number of stiffness regions can be programmed into a single archwire. It’s the only technology that expresses targeted continuous forces to individual teeth.

Smart Science

SmartArch force profiles are based on biomechanics research and optimized for two major factors affecting the ideal force for physiological response: periodontal ligament root support and interbracket distance. No other archwire can deliver biomechanically optimized force for each tooth in a single wire.

Smart Practice

SmartArch engineered archwires make sense for your practice. A premium treatment without the premium investment.

  • No special systems, equipment, or training required
  • Fits within your current workflow and is compatible with most bracket and hook systems
  • Requires no impressions, scans, fixtures, or off-site wire bending
  • Replaces a range of wire sizes, dramatically reducing the number of SKUs in inventory
  • Opens up chair time with increased treatment efficiency and fewer wire changes

Start improving your bottom line with SmartArch.

Available Now

SmartArch is now available in Canada and the United States. Order today!

  • 10 Maxillary SmartArch wires
  • SmartArch Universal profile
  • Round .016″ (.406 mm)
  • Copper Ni-Ti
  • Compare to Damon® archform

  • 10 Mandibular SmartArch wires
  • SmartArch Universal profile
  • Round .016″ (.406 mm)
  • Copper Ni-Ti
  • Compare to Damon® archform

*This SmartArch wire has an engineered stiffness profile designed to express different forces along the arch. Some segments of this appliance activate near body temperature and may appear relaxed when not installed. Improper use may cause unexpected results. Use only as directed.

**Damon is a registered trademark of Ormco Corporation. Smarter Alloys implies no endorsement by Dr. Dwight Damon

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Jim Gattis

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